Let’s elope!

Let's elope!

Have you ever looked up the word “elope”? If you haven’t, let us help you. According to Google, elope means “to run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent”. It was probably the right description a few hundred years ago, but it doesn’t mean that your parents can’t be part of your Elopement Wedding nowadays.

Elopement can be a very small wedding with only immediate family and close friends. Sometimes elopement can be only Bride, Groom and officiant. You might want to have it during the weekdays on top of the mountains, during a romantic getaway with an ocean view, or in a small rose garden, filled with colorful roses and having that romantic atmosphere that can stay in your memory for the rest of your life.

Here are some tips to make your Elopement Wedding stress free:

  1. Finding the right place and time of the year to hold your hands together and say your vows is important. But also make sure you are dressed according to the weather - you don’t want to spend one of the most important moments of your life freezing in the winter on top of the mountain.
  2. It’s a good idea to start your first look/ceremony 2-3 hours or even earlier before the sunset - it’s good to have time for romantic shots before it gets dark. Plus you don’t want to miss the golden hour!
  3. Unless you have a good reason to, make sure the place you choose is not super touristy. It might not feel too intimate for both of you. :)
  4. Think about all the legal documents that you need to prepare before the Big Day. It may be a small wedding, but it’s still a formal and legally binding process.
  5. Picking a weekday over a weekend will normally get you a better deal for the venue to celebrate your wedding, especially for a smaller party.

So if you find yourself dizzy even thinking about a traditional wedding, perhaps Elopement Wedding is the right thing to do. We are always open to any ideas on how to make your Elopement Wedding the way you want it and happy to assist as needed. We will customize the videography package specifically for your Intimate Wedding to make sure important details are covered. At the end of the day, it’s all about the two of you, it’s your Wedding Day that we will be there to ensure those memories are captured to be cherished forever.

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