Understanding Raw Footage from Your Wedding Videographer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Raw Footage is unedited and not color-corrected content captured directly from the camera. As your wedding videographer in Charlotte, North Carolina, Camerative provide all files recorded from every camera and microphone on your wedding day, organized neatly in folders. This ensures you receive a comprehensive collection of every moment, no matter how brief or extended.

Typically, these files range in duration from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. For obvious reasons, it’s impossible to include all this content in your Highlight Film (or even Feature Film). However, with Raw Footage, you can rest assured that you have all the material from your wedding day in its original, non-edited form. This means you get to keep every spontaneous smile, heartfelt conversation, and candid moment that occurred throughout the day.

Raw Footage offers a comprehensive way to view your entire wedding from multiple angles. This is especially valuable as it allows you to see what your guests were up to while you were taking family pictures or attending to other activities. You can admire how the wedding venue was decorated for the reception, catch the behind-the-scenes moments, and relive the day exactly as it unfolded.

Bride is holding flowers infront of the wedding arch

Raw Footage Frame

Girl in a wedding dress is happy showing her engagement ring

Color corrected and color graded Frame

If your package includes only the Highlight Video (4-5 minutes long), purchasing Raw Footage is an excellent way to experience your entire wedding day, complete with behind-the-scenes content. This is your chance to see all the moments that didn't make it into the final edit, offering a fuller, richer picture of your special day.

Raw Footage is not just about having more video content; it’s about preserving memories in their most authentic form. Whether it’s the laughter shared during cocktail hour or the quiet, intimate moments before the ceremony, Raw Footage captures it all.

Of course, if you wish to have all the important moments of your wedding day professionally edited into a cohesive and polished film, we recommend considering our Feature Film add-on. This option ensures that the key moments are beautifully crafted into a narrative that you can cherish for years to come.

Here is a video that illustrates what the Raw Footage add-on will look like. This example will give you a clear idea of the comprehensive and authentic nature of the content you will receive.

Raw video footage by Camerative Wedding Videography