Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Video Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Video Services

It is perfectly normal to have questions for your vendors. In fact, we strongly encourage our brides and grooms to ask us about anything and everything that needs to be clarified. After speaking to several couples, we decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions, along with our answers. If we missed anything - please reach out!

What is your general style?

We would describe our style as naturally cinematic, leaning towards journalistic. We prefer to remain stealth through most of the day, and avoid putting pressure on the couple with staged scenes. With that said, we make sure we capture as much material as possible for the best final result (whether a video highlight, or a longer feature film). Everything is discussed with the couple during our pre-wedding meeting to make sure we are all on the same page.

How long have you been filming weddings?

We’ve been filming weddings for about 5 years now, and Lena has been working in the video production field since 2012.

Do you meet with the couple before the wedding day?

In most cases we absolutely prefer to meet with the couple at least once before the wedding day. It’s good to get to know them better, learn their story, so that we can reflect that in the final film.

Love your work and packages, what do I need to save the date?

Awesome! Please reach out to confirm the date with us first. To book, we require a 50% deposit and a signed contract agreement.

Check if we are available on your wedding day!

My budget is very limited, do you offer discounts?

Normally we don’t provide discounts, but sometimes we have seasonal promotions - please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

We only use licensed and royalty free music for our work. That’s another great reason to meet with the couple and understand their taste in music - there are always options to choose specific soundtrack style for your final film. But hey, if you have full license rights to that Lady Gaga song and want to use that - we won’t say no!

When will I receive the Wedding Video Highlight?

Per contract, we normally require 3 months to deliver the highlight film. But quite often we deliver it earlier, within 4-6 weeks. This depends on the other bookings we have, and the backlog of videos that have to be edited. If you need the video produced sooner, let us know and we’ll work with your specific requirements!

I love aerial footage! Can we get that?

Aerial (or drone) footage is available as an add-on to our Not-So-Basic package, and will be provided where possible. That means the weather has to be cooperating, location not prohibited by FAA regulations, and wedding venue giving permission to fly a drone.

Do you always include Raw Footage with your package?

Raw footage is available as an add-on. Please refer to our package for more information.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love destination weddings and will gladly travel domestic, and international. Contact us to discuss your special event!

Do you have liability insurance?

We sure do! We are a fully insured business and strongly encourage all our clients to only work with insured vendors.

Do you provide wedding photography services?

We are wedding videographers, but if you need our recommendation - check out the Vendors We Love To Work With page for some ideas!